Testimonials: they talk about Walder® boom brake.

Sailors’ comments on the Walder® boombrake at various boat shows …

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“Thank you so much! The Walder boombrake has saved my rig (and possibly my life! ) Several times now 🙂 I have
sailed several thousand miles on  my Allures 39.9 and have been thankful for my boom brake every time I let
the main out. Best $ I ever spent. Every skipper ones it to themselves + their crew to install one!”

Brian T.

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“Great item, best thing I put on board It works great ”

Annapolis sail boat show 2017

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“Excellent product – Simple and absolutely controls jibing”

George Ward
Seaward Rigging
Long Beach, CA

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“Used system on my own boat for 5 years Great”

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“This should be mandatory on all boats. Wouldn’t know how to sail without it”
Pearson 424

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“Great product – Use two on my 65′ sailboat”
L.A California

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“Spencer 53’ ketch
400’ main – A relief to sail in San Francisco Bay with the “Le Walder”
Larry Falson
Oyster Pt
San Francisco

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“10/24/87 Just completed 15,000 miles with the Walder boombrake ….It’s great gear – Wouldn’t go without it”
Howard & Stephanie,
Yacht “Dulcinea” 33
“Steel sloop “

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“It works great on a 52 FT Alu Sailing Yacht : Twinga”


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“Me ha funcionado muy bien es practimente un tripulante silencioso. Mis felicitaciones a Walder par este sensacional invento.Lo tengo instalado en un Hanse 470 e”
Hanse 470 e
Nirvana III

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“Merci, vous m’avez sauvé la vie”

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“Depuis 12 ans avec Walder avec satisfaction et reconnaissance… Par tous les temps et toutes les mers.”
REGARD La Rochelle

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“Ho aquistato per una Hanse 411 e .
Non torno piu indietro”
Hanse 411 e

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“Seit Jahrzehnten bei uns an Bord, mehr als 30 000 Seemeile problemlose Sicherheit, ein feines Teil !”